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I, Anthony Bell, am the owner of Bell Partners Accountants Advisors Auditors Pty Ltd. I have known Mr Jason field and his business, National Property Valuers (NSW) Pty Ltd in a professional capacity for a period of approximately eight years.
During this time, Jason has always delivered at the highest of standards in both customer service and professionalism. I have used Jason’s services personally one numerous occasions and he has always completed and presented a swift and detailed product. Jason’s strong sense of dedication and commitment to ensuring a thorough and detailed property valuation is delivered has never been questioned.
I have no hesitation in referring Jason and National Property Valuers (NSW) Pty Ltd, as I consider him and his company to be an industry leader.

Anthony Bell, A. F. BELL

Over the past 15 years or so, Jason and NPV have provided valuation advice to our clients in a range of areas – including family law matters, deceased estate matters, land tax valuation objections, compulsory acquisitions of land, development site valuation, commercial litigation matters, and related party transfers. They have provided exceptional service to us and our clients and we expect to continue to use their services well into the future.

Simon Singer
Managing Director
David Landa Stewart Lawyers

I have known Jason Field in excess of ten years and have had commercial dealings with him and his valuation practice for in excess of five of those years. I have found him to be most approachable and helpful with a strong analytical approach to his work. He has undertaken a number of valuations on behalf of our company and related parties and we have referred him onto many of our clients.
I have no hesitation in recommending Jason and his team given the excellent service that he has provided us over that time.

Trevor Leach, Principal, Living Here Double Bay

Hi everyone !! My name is Michael Rappaport I am the sole Director of Bondi Property Development & Alco Electrics. I first started developing and managing properties almost 18 years ago. Jason has conducted at least 30 valuations over the past decade for my family. I have met so many property experts and valuers over the years and still till today I haven’t met a valuer who knows the eastern suburbs and inner city better than Jason Field.
Many investors only realize the importance of having a competent valuer no more than myself, I was caught by shock when I purchased a property in a rising market but the valuer under time pressures in a busy market valued my property for 30% below my purchase price. The value didn’t even enter all the apartments to observe the views or properly consider the value of the development plans that were approved.
I have dealt with many valuers over the years being the Director and owner of a boutique specialized valuation team, Jason takes pride and excessive precision in deriving his final report. I call Jason the swiss in the valuation industry, many valuations can be subjective and complex but if anyone has the time to read the detailed reports from NPV you will always find them spot on!

Michael Rappaport, Director Bondi Property Development

I have engaged Jason Field of National Property Valuers for over 10 years in relation to complex legal disputes requiring the expertise of a valuer. I have found Jason and his team to be easily approachable, highly professional and most of all exceptionally knowledgeable in the valuation field, particularly in the Eastern Suburbs and surrounding areas. I have no hesitation recommending Jason and National Property Valuers to any company or person requiring valuation services.

Colin Cunio,
Solicitor, Le Page Lawyers

I have had numerous valuations done for clients and have had nothing but the highest standard of service and feedback from Jason and his team. A team of professionals that go well above the service expectations for our clients and his product knowledge is second to none.

Ric Serrao,
Director , Raine and Horne

We have missed out on, bought and sold property in the Eastern Suburbs regularly over the last 20 years, when single, just married and when we had children. We have always sought the services of Jason to ensure that we never paid above what the property was actually worth (hence missing out on some – thankfully!), never accepted an offer for less than ours was worth, and bought well. Jason’s knowledge of the Eastern Suburbs, and his ability to produce quality work in great timeframes is second to none. We would have no hesitation in recommending him for all your property value needs.

Debbie and Yossi Biton, Malabar

I have used National Property Valuers on behalf of our client base in difficult stamp duty, capital gains tax and other property related issues.

I have found Jason and his team to be commercial, practical and knowledgeable and provide a clarity to these matters.
They come highly recommended.

Tom Loewy, Partner/Chartered Accountant
Loewy Consulting Partners

I’ve been using Jason Field from National Property Valuers for over 10 years now who performs around 50 – 100 valuations a year for me.
Paying the right price for a property is imperative as part of a property investing plan and so he plays a vital role in my personal wealth creation plan and those of my clients. Being in the media, I need to ensure that everyone I deal with is ethical, honest and does an exceptional job as the repercussions could be dire and have serious financial consequences if things go wrong. I am very confident in Jason’s ability to value any of my prospective purchases in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, Lower North Shore and Inner West.

Chris Gray, CEO of Your Empire Buyers Agents and Renovators

Jason Field from National Property Valuers (NSW) Pty Limited has provided valuation reports of luxury properties in the eastern suburbs for our clients, both for mortgage/lending purposes as well as for capital gains tax.
I have always been extremely happy with the valuations and level of service which Jason has provided. Jason is widely regarded as an expert in this niche market, and I would highly recommend him to anyone in the area looking for a quality valuer.

Mark Stevenson, Managing Director, Bell Partners Finance

I have engaged Jason Field and his team at National Property Valuers on a number of occasions, both in a professional capacity and for my own investment properties. They are a very professional organisation and have helped me achieve increased rental returns and valuations. I highly recommend them.

Simon McInnes, Finance, NSW Liberal Party

Thank you to Jason and the team at NPV for their efficient and cost-effective assistance with a recent property valuation required by the JCA in order to resolve a bequest matter. You were a pleasure to deal with and we would happily recommend your service to others. Thank you also for generously contributing to our community through your support of JCA.

Daniel Grynberg, CEO, JCA

I have used the valuation services of Jason Field from National Property Valuers and referred him to many clients for a variety of purposes, including for mortgage, stamp duty and capital gains tax purposes. He possesses a lot of knowledge of the Eastern Suburbs and I would have no hesitation in recommending his services to any of our clients.

David Glass,
DP Loewy & Co,Chartered Accountants

I have been dealing with Jason from National Property Valuers (NSW) for several years. Jason’s service standards are impeccable and he is always willing to meet at times some very tight time frames. The quality of his reports is also excellent and I’d have no hesitation in recommending Jason’s services.

Jesse McPherson, Westpac Bank

As a solicitor engaging an expert to value a property, it is crucial to the successful outcome of your clients case that the person engaged is indeed an expert and they have the ability to be convincing in both written reports as well as at any negotiation and in Court. Having used Jason Field on a number of occasions, I have always found him to have the knowledge and insight required as well as the ability to convey that convincingly and with authority. I have no hesitation in recommending him to carry out expert valuation reports.

Flo Mitchell, FM Legal